High Def Televisions for Presentations and VideosWi-Fi is available at no charge. We can accommodate your PowerPoint presentations and picture slideshows using your laptop and projecting that onto our SIX – 72” High Definition Flat Panel Televisions mounted all around the facility. We also have a Blu-Ray DVD player, cable and a complete surround sound system.

With Towne Square Community Centre's techology your options for your event are virtually endless.  For meetings and fundraisers, present key points through Power Point presentations with your commentation over coordless microphones and have the option to show informational videos.  For family and personal gatherings, have your photo slide-shows with music running continuously throughout the event and microphones are available for speeches.

At Towne Square Community Centre, we strive to make your event run smoothly so we insist you meet with us a few days prior to your event and bring your laptop with content you want to present so we can ensure everything will work fine before the day of your event.  Also, any special requests or concerns can be addressed beforehand.